🔥🚫Hazards Must Go!🚫🔥

🔥🚫Hazards Must Go!🚫🔥
July 24, 2019 Elisha

I love working on crafts/projects around the house. Home improvement projects are so satisfying and beneficial. One of my latest projects was to clean out the dryer vent. I thought the dryer was getting old and breaking down, but after investigating it turned out to be a buildup in the duct work that was reducing the air flow and drying efficiency. Also, I learned that lint buildup is the main cause for house fires.  This is a known hazard!  (Did you know that…)?   I picked up a dryer vent cleaning kit which connects to our standard drill then blew out the lint with our leaf blower.  And just like that the dryer is working at full capacity again!

This really spoke to me spiritually. I started thinking of all the times where I unknowingly/knowingly allowed a build-up of hazards in my life.  You know…  Things that could later cause issues (worry, lack of trusting, insecurities, low self-esteem, holding on to hurt from past relationships etc). Some seeds are sown from past experiences and if we don’t deal with them or even realize that they are there, then they continue to grow and accumulate reducing our progression, and ultimately slowing our success. This is exactly the enemies plan, to sow seeds and if we don’t deal with the seeds by uncovering them , they grow downward 1st (out of our sight and mind…) and then form a root. That root will sprout up at any given time and whether ready or not we’ll have to deal with it.
I wanted to encourage all who reads this to know that we already have the victory in Jesus!  We’re not breaking down because of a chaotic moment or season. Facing issues doesn’t make us a failure, it just shows that we’re humans chosen with (God’s Divine) purpose. It means that cleaning (and Spiritual House Improvement Projects) need to take place. We all need home improvement from time to time. That’s nothing prayer, fasting, and continual washing of the Word can’t fix. When hazards come they are an alert to inform us that we are on to something bigger, (which is why suddenly these distractions spring up). Every level we reach, there are satanic generals waiting on us. There’s a constant spiritual war between good and evil. The storms of life can leave wear and tear. That’s the enemies tactic to stop us at all cost. (That should ANGER you to no end!!)  But God wants us to keep pushing. He equips us so that we can graduate to our next place and what the enemy meant for bad, God turns it around for our good. Hazards aren’t welcomed into our new season. God loves all of us the way we are, not because we are perfect, but because we are perfect for Him! Intently sought out, purposefully chosen and perfectly called. He see’s the true us and looks past all of our faults and sees our needs (El Roi — The God who sees me). He uses our lives and circumstances to make us fit for the kingdom, and we must, in return, continue to encourage one another with our testimonies.  Help someone else who feels like giving up and who may be feeling that there’s no hope. God is always saying that there is nothing to hard for Him!  He has the fix for any problem! He’s the jack of all trade, mastering in all things! He wants to knock down walls if we allow it! He wants to clean house! He wants to renovate!  He wants us to be completely free, to enjoy life, and to have immaculate spiritual homes!  He wants us to walk in forgiveness, love, and prosperity, and above all else, to show forth His glory. I don’t know about you, but I want what God has for me and my family. I don’t want to suffer from burns of a fire due to not dealing with life’s hazards. I want to operate at my fullest capacity in this earth. We must release everything to God. The hazards must GO! Let’s Psalm Outloud to the Father together and ask Him to help us to get rid of all this life’s unessential buildups!

Psalming Outloud:

Father, thank you for every opportunity of improvement, we know it’s all for Your Glory. You’re so mindful of us, allowing us to see that, even in our weakest moments, Your Love for us is never-ending and we have the power through You to clean out every hazard. Remove every issue that has tried to hide beneath the surface, as well as, things we’ve carried from our youth and through our bloodline. Go in between the cracks, remove the covers, expose the enemy, and break up fallow ground as we command a release of every hindrance and weight that has tried to entangle and slow us down!  Forgive us for every sin that we’ve carried.  We cast down every hold on our minds, every bruise in our hearts, every evil spoken word that we’ve come into agreement with and believed.  We decree and declare the ability to stand strong and the breaking down of every wall of heaviness.  We speak freedom of Your Spirit!  Cleanse us through your blood.  We are engulfed with divine success and endowed with Your Glory. And we are like a tree planted by the rivers of water that yields its fruit in its season!  We walk forward into our destinies with our heads up and our eyes fixed on You.  We will not wither, and whatever we do shall prosper!  We shall never faint but reap continual gifts from Heaven!  We believe You, we trust You, and we are hazard free to receive openly your Divine Improvements for our lives.  In Jesus mighty name we pray, Amen.

References: Psalms 1, Hebrews 12:1, Galatians 6:9, Genesis 16:13, I Peter 2:5


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