Communication With God

Communication With God
February 2, 2018 Elisha

To walk with God means to live a superb life. Everyday is an opportunity for us to fulfill greater things, to have strength, wisdom, and power. It’s not obvious to the natural eye at first because oftentimes we are duped by pressing circumstances. James 1 declares “count it all joy when faced with trials, patience is working her perfect work in us”. All we have to do is focus on God’s superiority. To deem our connection/communication with Him as high priority. Pray the word out loud and let it transform us from the inside out.

Let’s pray out loud!! (Reference Psalms 40)
Daily I wait patiently and expectantly for you Abba. You have proven to be inclined to hear my deepest prayers. Therefore I am removed from all destruction. You are the solid rock on which I stand. My path is made steady and I am established. My life shows forth praise unto you. I confidently trust in you. I deferentially honor and revere you openly. This has caused prosperity and favor over my life. Because I have set my affections on you and proclaim you as my portion, I walk in superb blessedness and hope. The wonders of your hands are being revealed. Continue to teach me to pray fervently that I may walk closer to you. I lock myself in covenant with your spirit, the key is thrown away…never to be found again. I am transformed into the image of Christ. Super-charged winds are blowing through me by my supernatural God! You are working super-systematically for me that I may walk in superabundance. From glory to glory in Jesus name, Amen.

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