Defy Gravity! John 15: 7-9

Defy Gravity! John 15: 7-9
August 20, 2018 Elisha
I was led to John 15:7-9. I heard the words “defy gravity” and immediately started to talk to the Father. I wrote this declaration . I wanted to share with you to Psalm Outloud with me. Let’s stand in agreement, our God is so awesome and He’s working on our behalf.
Psalm Outloud:
Father I receive from you now a supernatural upgrade in my belief. This prayer serves as a deposit into my overflow. My acceleration is being upgraded, my faith is being elevated, and my promotion is already in the works. I dare to defy gravity in believing and standing on Your word. I resist the spirit of darkness that has tried to weigh me down, every scheme and plot against me is overthrown. Gravity’s forces of heaviness, sadness, loneliness, and defeat are cancelled from my life. I further declare that it’s force of worry, disillusionment, depression and oppression are disallowed NOW by the authority of Your Holy Spirit! I remain positioned and no devil in hell can conquer me. For it is written that if I remain in Jesus, and He in me…I am infallible. I’m growing so near to you that my vitals are aligned and in sync with Yours. Surely I know that this is the best life for me. I want You to know that I chose You over all things! Because of my mindset, Your spirit is constantly at work in me. I have divine power and whatsoever I wish shall be done as long as it lines up with your word. So I accept my new doors. My hands are uplifted and ready to receive new keys, the new promises are already fulfilled for me. Hallelujah!! All the glory belongs to You Father! You get the honor as the world around me looks on and see’s the limitless fruits and bountiful blessings that are overflowing in my life. For this is the portion due to Your children, the faithful ones, the believers. So let it be so unto me as I praise You! I remain! I prosper! I flourish! I defy gravity!! In Jesus name! Amen and Amen!
Reference Scriptures: John 15: 7-9


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