Got Character?

Got Character?
May 1, 2018 Dameon

It’s great that you got the gig/platform/opportunity ✊🏾! Good for you! Your gift is supposed to make room, but that’s no phenomenal achievement. When your able to #RETAIN and build on those connections/relationships because of your #CHARACTER (1Sam 18:14), then you have attained for yourself monumental success!

Let no one beguile you, true success is not measured by stocks, bonds, dollars and cents (Proverbs 22:1).
For you can have all of those things with a terrible name and no one will trust you with a 🔑(perpetual access)!

So remember…#giftsAreWithoutRepentance😴 #CharacterCounts #PersonaMatters… Question? After they see who you really are, will they give you a 🔑 or close the 🚪?! #gotcharacter? #letskeepgrowing #veraciousinsight #righteousantidote


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