Guard Your Heart ♥️ from Corrupt Downloads

Guard Your Heart ♥️ from Corrupt Downloads
December 13, 2017 Elisha

Have you ever had to deal with bad software? It’s encrypted to appear real and functional but its designed to cause a breakdown or a crash due to embedded viruses. I’ve experienced this both physically and metaphorically. On my job I deal regularly with developmental software integration. Hence the word developing. But LISTEN2ME!! In my personal life I do NOT HAVE TIME TO BE SHUT DOWN!! No time to waste on brokenness due to what I allowed in. I need everything in me to be strong and operating as God designed. A bad download is like dropping a bomb from a plane, once it crashes into the ground it causes corruption and destruction.

We MUST guard our hearts. There are many false teachings, many new fads flying by. We must focus and be on the watch. Downloading and hiding only the infallible written word of God in our hearts. The recovery time from a crash could take many years and alter our destinies. Like an 11 day journey taking 40 years. God wants to open our eyes to prevent this from happening. New seasons require fresh and new downloads. Discernment is a requirement. And I believe God has already begun to show some of us the changes we must make. Now is the window of opportunity to examine ourselves. To release, move forward, & grow in God’s will.

Prayer: Abba! Father! I don’t want to waste your time nor mine. I’m thankful that you’ve already begun to show me me, and transition to where I ought to be. I ask for forgiveness for the things I’ve allowed to download that I knew were no good from inception. I decree that as I submit myself to your word I will experience full recovery. I commit myself to studying your laws and hiding them in my heart. I declare NOW that moving forward I’m walking according to your Divine destiny. I release all to you and embrace this new season. Thank you that signs, wonders, and miracles are my portion as I focus solely on your Sovereignty. In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen!


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