Lean on “The Right One”

Lean on “The Right One”
October 8, 2018 Elisha

Looking at this picture of us made me smile. I love leaning on him, but this is no ordinary lean. It’s a completely open, vulnerable and able to trust my husband lean. Sharing about our relationship at our last engagement was amazing. Here are a few points that we discussed and I feel every lady should consider these things before she leans:


1. This is my #1 dating deal breaker. Does he know Jesus? Is he making any attempt to be like Him? Not pretending, but authentically . When my husband came into my life in 1998, I saw the difference between Dameon & the guys who approached me before. His actions proved that he was focused on having a future with me. Not get me in the bed to do things I’d be ashamed of and then drag me into prolonged girlfriend mode. 🙅🏽‍♀️ No! He wanted me enough to put a ring on my finger and wait for me. He shared the plans he had for me, I didn’t have to wonder one bit. If a man OPENLY lives for Christ he will OPENLY love you as Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25) the way God intended it.

2. God’s best for you, the right man, won’t DROP you when you lean. God knows what you need. He knows your strengths and weaknesses so it’s just like the Father to have someone perfect for you who can handle you. There have been times when life’s battles got the best of me and my husband stepped to the plate and fought for me. He was able to handle the weight of things not only naturally but spiritually and mentally. All these years later he’s still fighting for me. 

3. Life is not always easy. Don’t believe those who pretend like it is. In those down times your going to need much more than physical pleasure. This is why you get to know him before leaning. Ask lots of questions. If he shows signs of only wanting physical pleasure, that’s a red flag of lust and you should run. I don’t care how handsome he is. Your worth more than that and your man needs to possess more. A man needs the gift of discernment coupled with the ability to navigate you through rough terrain. He should be apt to breathe an encouraging word when needed,  make you belly laugh, and intentionally take time to listen to your concerns. 

4.) WAIT for your true gift ladies. A man who imitates Christ walks in unselfish love. He embodies and pours over you all that you thought to be impossible in a meaningful relationship. He will seek after you and learn the mysteries of your heart. He won’t be a cheater, flirting with others behind your back. He will delightfully wait for your hand in marriage before sexual intercourse! He’s not boastful, proud, arrogant, prideful, seeking fame/fortune/popularity, and passion for other things over you. Do you see RED flags like this in your relationships? If so STOP and process what’s really going on. 


So, here I am. 20 years later. Still able to LEAN and be vulnerable . He just so happens to be tall, strong, gorgeous, and capable of handling all that I am. Only God knows who can TRULY handle you. Pray and talk to the Father about this. ♥️

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  1. Sherlana 3 years ago

    Sister Cousin this is Beautifully Stated!! There are many treasures here and I truly appreciate you sharing! Is a book in your future? Because I would so purchase anything you write!!

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