Marriage Gods Way!

Marriage Gods Way!
March 21, 2018 Elisha

3-25 is our 18th Anniversary. 😍☺️ I’ve been reminiscing on the beauty of my marriage. When I hear people talk negatively about marriage I’m convinced that their misconceived due to bad experiences. This isn’t God’s fault, nor is it what He intended for us. He created it to be beautiful. I’m a firm believer that if we know who God is and who He created us to be, marriage would be amazing, it takes work, but with God leading us we can enjoy it and operate in it with grace.

Over the years God has taught me (because of my willingness) how to support, encourage, pray fervently, be submissive, pleasing, and adaptable for my husband. (Proverbs 31:15) It starts with everyday rising early, literally, to get in the face of God. To seek Him for spiritual food for my home. I hunger after the things of God therefore I feed myself the word. This makes me sensitive to God’s ways and leads me in wisdom as a wife. I share what God gives me and my husband does the same. We pray together and move forward as a team. Reality tv, romantic movies, & secular music can’t teach you to do this. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. Therefore we must be pliable students to do it God’s way! If this is what you want for your marriage or you desire to marry one day, let’s talk to God about it.

Psalm Outloud:
Father, before I was formed in the womb You knew my destiny. You knew my purpose and who I would be pulled and attracted to. What You have ordained for marriage is what I want for my life. The worlds view of marriage is not the covenant that I want to make. I reject it’s misconceptions and walk consciously in the leading of Your Spirit which teaches me all things. I decree and declare over my life that I am operating according to Your word with inner beauty, imperishable qualities & unfading charm. Possessing a calm, serene, and peaceful spirit that will bless my marriage tremendously. Let agape love dwell in me which causes my spouse to be anxious to run home daily just to be in my presence. I refuse to behave in a shallow, selfish and self-centered mindset but I feed on and refuel with your holiness. As you bless me in this way I will forever walk in abundance and share this love forever with the one you’ve given me. In Jesus Mighty name I pray, let it be so unto me. Amen.

References: I Peter 3:4&5, Proverbs 31:15, John 14:26


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