Name Recognition- Matthew 16:26

Name Recognition- Matthew 16:26
September 18, 2018 Dameon

One of the more subtle and deceptive things about being “Known & Famous” is….  It intoxicates you with dangerously high levels of “entitlement!”
When you show up – They know you!
When you talk – They listen.
When you do what you do – Boom 💥
the magic happens.
Which (after time) can easily cause us to think we’re justified when our moods swing, when we take liberties & in the way we treat people …. and while that recognition is #dope here on 🌎 – that won’t fly in #TheJudgement ✋🏾 (Matt 12:35-37)‼️ Just because it’s successful here DOESN’T MEAN Heaven is pleased! Sure, it’s in lights on the marquee here but that doesn’t guarantee that it TRANSLATES in Heaven! #CheckYourMotives
Listen, if NOBODY ever recognizes and receives me, my pedigree or my lineage here… but my name is recognized in heaven?! I WON! 🙌🏾
… on the contrary though, to be #coddled #worshipped and #idolized here and find out Heaven dOESN’t recognize my name in the lambs book…!! Oh what an #L #anEternalL #Loss

#tuesdaytea #foodforthought #doesheavenknowyou?


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