June 1, 2018 Elisha

I’m standing in agreement with those who are seeking to persevere through adversity. Many say it’s too difficult. And what comes to my mind is perseverance. In order to succeed at anything we must put forth a CONSISTENT effort to achieve any goal. First write your goals down. Write the vision, make it plain. Tell God in DETAIL what you’re facing and your need. Do your research, what does the scripture say about this? Pray these scriptures over your life and stand on God’s word. 

We must BELIEVE His word. Sometimes our belief is limited because we get use to not having, adopting the mindset of limitations. We want the will of God for our lives. But be honest with your desires when you go to the Father. He is the one who can open the door for you. Don’t put a lid on what He can do. He knows what’s in your heart anyways. He is able to go over and beyond what you are asking for. There is nothing too hard for our God. So no matter how difficult your situation, no matter the opposition or if you feel you’ve failed already. Be steadfast and unmovable in your faith. Let’s talk to the Father about this.

Psalming Out-Loud:

Father there are so many difficult challenges before me. But your word says to consider it joy whenever I’m facing a trial. Therefore I give you praise right here in this moment in spite of the adversity. And I turn my face to the wall, away from the focus of circumstances and grab hold of the bearings of faith. Im strengthened in my experiences to endure and persevere no matter the test. I am growing in spiritual maturity and inner peace. I decree and declare that as I press through, I walk in your spirit of perfection. I focus not on what I don’t have or what I feel is wrong in my life. I remind myself daily that I am your heir and a joint heir of Christ. Therefore I’m birthed into greatness. So I elevate my thinking by seeking your divine wisdom, comprehension, and knowledge. I don’t doubt, nor am I tossed by the winds. But I am established in You, I am firm and stable with your covering. I am steadfast, prosperous, favored, and my heart is extremely glad. I am a reflection of you so I carry myself as such. I am consistent and in you I trust. In Jesus name I pray Amen! 

Scripture Reference: James 1

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  1. Paul Schonschack 4 years ago

    What a great resource website for the body of Christ! Keep up the great encouraging work and speaking the truth!

    Paul S.

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