In You (Feat. Drea Randle)

In You (Feat. Drea Randle)




For Righteous Antidote

Written by: Dameon Brown, Marcus Jennings, Bart Orr, Alan Evans


In You I’m finding a strength that endureth

Joy in the place of my sadness

Peace that surpasses all that my mind understands

Shelter, protection when life pulls the cover

Besides You Lord there’s no other

You’ve proven Your love and my soul finds its rest in You


Said you’d never leave me all alone

You’d guide my feet and you’ll keep me from all wrong

That’s the promise you gave me, on the day you set me free

The closer I get to You, the more You will meet my need

I found a confidant in You

It’s a fellowship of love that pulls me through

And above my family, I’ve got a friend indeed

My soul finds its rest in You

Chorus: Bridge

Placing my trust in You

All of my help comes from You

This joy that I have, this peace that I know

Is drawn from Your River of love as it flows

Everything that I need, it’s in You

Everything that I need, it’s in you

Everything that I need


It’s in You (repeat)


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