Psalming Outloud : (1 Chro 16:17 & Prov 17:22)

Psalming Outloud : (1 Chro 16:17 & Prov 17:22)
August 27, 2020 Elisha
With all the news we have to be careful not to sink into despair. My son had a moment the other day and started to cry. After we discussed what was bothering him, I encouraged him to have a laughing session with me. We just started laughing for no reason and I even tickled him to get more of that gut busting laugh LOL. You see, the enemy wants us to focus on crying sessions. But we laughed so until the joy of the Lord arrested us. If your feeling down, kindly Psalm Out-loud with me using 1 Chronicles 16:17 & Proverbs 17:22. Then give a laughing session a try, just go for it 🦋😊💖.
Psalming Outloud Prayer:
Dear Father, I thank you that even in the toughest times I’ll be able to laugh. Thank you that I have the understanding that you want my spirit to be linked with yours. Honor and majesty surround you, and strength and joy fill your dwelling (I Chronicles 16:27). I affirm that as I dwell in you, I am spirit to spirit, heart to heart, and mind to mind connected with your divinity. Gaining the mastery in being triumphant, joyous, and blissful through Jesus. I reject and shut every door of darkness, gloom and sadness that have crept in my life. I break the traps the enemy has tried to set for me, sickness, hurts, anger, and frustrations. My atmosphere in my home, job, all around me is now arrested by my beloved Holy Spirit. You care about my happiness and I’ve been overtaken with JOY that you’ve called me to have through Jesus. I affirm that my heart is cheerful bringing healing to both my body, mind, & soul (Proverbs 17:22). I command myself to stay in this place forever in Jesus name. Amen & Amen.
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