Psalming Outloud – Philippians 4

Psalming Outloud – Philippians 4
October 30, 2018 Elisha

An easy mistake to make is wanting to talk to other people about things that bother you. When really all we need to do is go to God who has all the answers. Is it validation we seek? Wanting someone to co-sign the notion that we’ve been wronged? These are clear works of the flesh. Flesh will always get in the way if we allow it. This doesn’t emanate from God. God wants to be that best friend we call when something goes down. He wants to be that one we go to during the good and the bad. Are we that close to Him? Best friends? 🤔The first one we call? Lets talk to the Father about this. *******************************************Psalming Outloud:
Father, thank you for reminding me that you are ever near. That I should be cheerful and celebrate in every season of my life no matter how it seems. I yield my life to your overflow my dear and matchless Anointed One. What a friend you are, I no longer have to worry. I resign to saturate myself each day in prayer. Instead of talking to others about my situations, instead of picking up the phone or heading to social media, I run to You. Remove every desire to look to others with my concerns. Help me to lay every request before you with overflowing gratitude. Hallelujah! My healing, breakthrough, finances, next move, heart, emotions, everything. And now, because I’ve given every detail to you, you’re wonderful peace that transcends human understanding reveals divine answers through Christ Jesus. You are the one that I run to first! You are first! You are first! You are first! Always! In Jesus name, Amen.

Reference Scripture: Philippians 4
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