Take Inventory!

Take Inventory!
November 23, 2019 Elisha

That illness/ailment in your body… is it real? Or has it been given #LEGALAccess and a license to torment you because of #unforgiveness?! Bitterness and resentment was never designed to live in our bodies & our adversary (Satan) is a deceiver! Just let it go – AND LIVE! Nothing says Lord I trust you better than walking in love & letting God fix it! So in the name of JESUS release it, forgive them, forbear, honor them anyhow, speak well of them & watch god make you whole again!
James 5:16/Mark 11:24-26
#choosetobewhole #decidetoforbear #itsadecision #wiltthoubemadewhole
#veraciousinsight #righteousantidote


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