You mad or no? 🤔

You mad or no? 🤔
November 15, 2017 Elisha

The enemy wants us to be upset when we can’t control a situation or see what’s next. Why is it easier to worry than to trust God in these moments? Well, I believe that satan is working hard to capitalize on anything that will trigger defeat. It’s calculated, and perfectly timed. We have to remember to ask ourselves at that time….”Am I mad because I can’t control the future?”. God is saying in those moments, “It’s a great opportunity to depend solely on ME.”

Its mind blowing that the enemy actually wants us to be mad at God because God wants us to depend on Him. That in itself is complete madness haha! It doesn’t seem that way while we’re focused on things that we can’t change but that’s exactly what’s happening covertly. We have to be watchful (1 Peter 5:8) LISTEN! …..if you want something changed that hasn’t changed all this time…..ONLY God can do it. Feelings (flesh) build up to create a platform of (frustration, anger, angst) to stand on. Our adversary who’s been roaming and waiting for the opportunity jumps in for the kill. Satan is cruel and wants to steal ALL. We should be happy (I Thess 5:18) and waiting in expectation for the move of God but that requires getting over “derailing emotions”. This pressure is not meant for you (1 Pet 5:7), God is in control and can handle ALL, if we would just place things in His capable hands. Have you? You mad or no?

Father I come to you, the only help I know. Forgive me for the times I’ve been mad over circumstances out of my control. I recommit my life, family, marriage, future, dreams, goals, and ambitions into Your hands. I thank you for gracing me with the ability to endure the process. I won’t stop moving forward, I am succeeding, I am vertically and horizontally aligned in the Spirit right at the x- axis. My eyes are fixed on you and you alone. I lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. I walk in perfect peace and take authority over my emotions(2 Cor 10:5). I depend solely on You. I praise you & vow to seek you pray, and focus, In the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! Amen!


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