Zaphenath- Paneah effect!!

Zaphenath- Paneah effect!!
April 12, 2018 Elisha

Joseph’s story came to mind this morning and how he was cast away, mistreated, and rejected by his own bloodline. He would face more trials even after that. Although so much was against him he possessed very powerful prophetic attributes, hearing and knowing the voice of God. These attributes not only saved a nation but it saved those who rejected him as well.

He seemed to be the last, but the word states that the last shall become the first. Pharaoh even gave Joseph a new name “Zaphenath-Paneah”, meaning God speaks and He lives. This is quite the accomplishment, to walk with God daily so that the power of the Holy Spirit can operate supernaturally. Hearing and knowing Gods voice so that He can reveal secrets and position us to cause change in our world. We can hear Gods voice in our own individual ways too. We need only to ask Him to speak. If you feel a desire to know His voice lets talk to God about it.

Psalm Out-loud:
Dear Father, forgive me for the times I’ve focused on my trials rather than looking to You for the revelation in it. I forgive all who hurt me and I bless those who cursed and mistreated me. Even if I’ve experienced rejection from my bloodline, I know that I am adopted into Yours. My focus now is on the word and standing in Your wisdom. I yield myself to be used by Your attributes. My ears are open to the frequencies of Heaven which aligns me to operate in your divine order. I shall know your voice from this day forward. My eyes are enlightened to seize opportunities to accomplish Kingdom work. Your hand is made known before me and my world. I speak a “Zaphenath- Paneah” effect into my existence. That even the unbelievers will see that my Father speaks and He lives. In Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen!

References: Genesis 41, Luke 6:28, Matthew 20:16


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